Selasa, 21 Jun 2011

The History Of Evisu Jeans


Once upon a time, there was a young Japanese designer named Hidehiko Yamane, with a background as a tailor. Passionate and knowledgeable about denim, he searched all over the world for that rare bird, the perfect pair of jeans. Unfortunately, he was confronted with the bare truth: it doesn’t exist. Worse, he discovered that supposedly vintage jeans were in fact mass produced copies. Quality original denim was proving impossible to find…

As he wearied of this fruitless search, he nevertheless made an important discovery on his travels: an American weaving loom from the 1950s that was capable of producing forty metres of selvedge denim a day (selvedge: a nautical technique to reinforce sails by sewing rope into the edges)…then inspiration hit; he would produce the jeans for himself and other connoisseurs. Thus Evisu was born.
Far from being a random name, Evisu comes from Evis, the Japanese and Buddhist god of prosperity. Often depicted with a fishing rod…two things that the Founder loves! Success was quick after the business is founded in 1991. In the beginning, only 14 pairs of jeans were produced a day, with the seagull-inspired logo painted on by hand. Since, Evisu started exporting jeans in 1994 and is a brand known and loved all over the world for its exceptional quality.

Do you know the world has changed when a ubiquitous item like the jeans has gone so premium that it demands to be taken seriously. There’s like an art to appreciating these couture-refined versions of what was once a blue-collar work wear. In the case of Evisu jeans, discerning fashionistas firmly believe that the labour-intensive method of using an old style shuttle loom to produce the denim justifies the sky-high price, which ranges from RM759 to RM 2589 for the brand new Evisu and RM300 to RM1000 for 2nd good condition from The Bundle.

My Lovely Evisu Collection

 Evisu - Mens "Logo-Fitch" Jeans
Model: Evisu-Jeans-025

Evisu Ikan Koi Ibu & Anak
Benang Keemasan
Saiz beso sket jew...
pasal cun aku belasah pkai jugak...

Evisu No:2
Kondisen Terbaek
Saiz kecik pon aku belasah pkai gak...
Koleksi kesayangan :-)
Red Evisu Genes Osaka
Terbaek dr Japon
Condition AAA
Koleksi kesayangan :-)

Yellow Evisu Genes Osaka
Juga Terbaek dr Japon
Condition AAA
 Koleksi kesayangan :-)

T-shirt Evisu Costum Made
Kondisen Cemerlang
Koleksi kesayangan :-) 


Isnin, 13 Jun 2011

Hureey...Sunshades Angel Beats! dh sampai...

Finally Sunshades dr Nippon dh smpai ...
Posted by EMS from my friend who studies at Kobe, Japan.
( bila lar aku nk smpai sna ni )
Thank a lot my frenz... :-)

New Malaysian Angel Beats! has born... :-)