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Angel Beats 01 Has arrived in Perak.... yiippieee...

Yahooo.... finally the rock has come back to Perak...... hehehehhe
We are not about to wrestling in here... it was another best thing to shared with... heheheheh 

When the itasha project has been finished, it time to searching the model or stuff of Angel Beats
But I’m feeling so lucky because 1 of the Angel Beats sat has arrived to my placed today after survey for a long time in internet "MISB Nendoroid Petite Angel Beats Set 01 Yuri/Shiina/Yusa"...
Tq 4 bro from Batu Pahat for this lovely stuff, very nice item... stuff can-can.... hahahhahaha

Hand-up Boobs opss sorry...Hand-up Boops..... Angel is Here...  :-)

Awaiting for second sets of Angel Beats 02 soon...
The other stuff still in Japan, maybe in progress of my friend who studies in Japan now..... heheheeh

痛サンシェード 『AngelBeats!』
Sunshades Angel Beats!.... ( yg pnjg2 tu bunga dia je... )
Extremely sold in Japan. Out of stock… hope it will be available soon.. naye2... huhuhuhuh

Hpl25CoエンジェルビーツAngel Beats!シークレット入フル5種SR

5 series model of Angel Beats character, height of 125cm .... I guest so... ehehehehe
Complete Set from Japan... 
In process to sent back to Malaysia by Malaysian student in Japan. So have to give a “tips” for them because helping me to buy this stuff from there... but i still dont know how much of the posting cost... huhuhuh

タカラトミーSR Angel Beats! 仲村ゆり

Also with the complete set of 5 member. will be arrive soon.. i has found this stuff at Japan Auction..
And i'm asking for my friend in Japan to buy this this then post it to me by EMS..

Angel Beats! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Yuri

here some information about Yuri

Yuri is energetic and cute with her guitar but she's lethally lovely with her gun. The confident smile borders on cocky; this girl will not back down from anything, not from her teachers, from the angels or from fate. She will fight to her very end. The figure sculptor Sanjgen brings out all the details, from the individual strands of hair to the wrinkles on her flowing skirt and ribbons.

The Beretta M92F glints silver, it has all the barrel and triggers and is absolutely dangerous. Join the SSS and let Yuri take you on a mission to overthrow the afterlife system.


Now I’m still searching for another big scale models like this... Item has found in Times Square in KL but the price very higher rm250-rm300 including postage... 
i can afford anymore money for this month... maybe some other time...
But it was very beautiful item and nice to view......

Bolew this is another stuff i has found in internet, but the price still cannot accepted... hehehehe
but this thing to sexy for me.... wow......... see for ur self... heheheh

 Angel Beats ! Tenshi scale 1/8

Angel Beats - Yuri & Kanade Beach Queen Set (Dengeki ltd)  
9 800¥ but very sexy ssssiiooolllll..... huhuhuhu

Someone can you help me to find this shirt in Malaysia... so nice......plzzzz.....hehehehehhe
find at indon website huhuhuh.... the price in rupiah pak.... ehhehehe

Shinda Sekai Sensen T-Shirt..... find in and sold in singapore dollar $42 in Rm mean.... ( kalkulit elon...heheh)

i hope i can find it soon.... welcome Angel Beats 2 Malaysian... peace   :-)


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