Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Angel Beats Itasha Phenomenon

Coincident or What...? 

Same character , same anime but not in designs.. 
That's what I can say rite now.
It just like hello kitty character. everybodies likes hello kitty stuff and sticker. this also liked hello kitty stickers be matched in their beloved vehicles. 

So I think, people who saw this anime must love this character and want to put this designs at their own car. i'm feel so happy because have a new member who likes this character and matched in the vehicles such as Perodua Myvi. 
I met this Myvi while attending the Autoshow Event at Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Firstly i was shocked a little bit but i just ignore it because my Angel Beats is more than him.... Hehehehehe.... 
( Dont be angry my frenz.. just joking.. ^__^ ).  After looking around this car, i realize that our sticker is not same type but the action look likes real. It was a combination of cutting sticker and printed sticker.  This design was designed and printed by graphic unicorn nearly Tesco Ampang Kuala Lumpur. 

This design may be a coincidence because when i talk with the owner of this car. he also didn't know that i also used this character. He just know after he saw my car in the famous Malaysian K-Kompak Magazines. That time, he already put this design at his Myvi. Design already printed and installed. to make another design, it cost a lot of money. however he just continue used this stickers on his lovely Myvi. 

Let us see the unique version of Angel Beats Itasha Perodua Myvi version.. Enjoy....

The Making Of Angel Beats ( Myvi )

Nite Version

Thank 4 Visiting this blog.. hope ur enjoy.. Peace yaww... 


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