Jumaat, 16 Mac 2012


From Tom's Stickers Headlines

The long awaited Tom's Stickers Auto Salon Night has finally touched down... The first ever event solely dedicated to pamper our Tom's Stickers Members, putting each and every qualifier in the limelight.

At the Tom's Stickers Auto Salon Night, it shall be the showdown of the best of the best dressed rides waiting for the world to lay their eyes on. Words alone will not be able to describe this colossal night so we leave it to you to experience first hand this momentous event.

Qualifying Requirements:

1.Submit your photos as per the sample and personal particulars as below to enquiry@tomsstickers.com
Nric No:
Car Model:
Contact No:
Email Add:
2.Each participant is allowed to submit 1 set of photos, duplicate entries will be disqualified.
3.Overall winners’ decision will be chosen by the management.
4.Registration from 15 March – 25 April
5.Terms & conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.
6.The management reserved the rights to disqualify or remove any participant if should the participant fails to abide the house rules.
7. This auto salon is applicable for Tom's Stickers Members only.

The decisions of the 100 qualified participants will be based on the amount of LIKE via Facebook and final decision will be made by the management.

How to vote ?? Simply refer everyone you know to:

1. 'LIKE' Tom’s Stickers Fan Page
2. Browse through Tom’s Stickers Auto Salon Night album and “LIKE” the photos.

Good Luck everyone !!!

Official Magazines:
- Extremekars
- Gila Kereta

Official Sponsor:
- Ultra Racing

Official Co-organizer:
- Fiesta Club Malaysia

Official Clothing:
- Hari Hari

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  1. Tu lar nmpak best....

    tp mcm x layak je....
    x kesah janji rock....

    100 penyertaan tu... dpt duk sipi2 pon jd ler... hehehehe